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Blackjack Family Ranch has cutting horses and/or quarter horses, and barrel horses for sale in Texas. Our quarter horses for sale are some of the finest. Some of the quarter horses for sale in Texas -on our ranch have become world champions - watch this video! We have multiple cutting horses for sale in Texas. The horse you will see in the video above is a finished quarter horse. CD is aQuarter Horses For Sale in Texas, cutting horses for sale trained cutting horse for sale in Texas. He has an ability to reason, color confirmation, and throws these genes into his offspring. Here are some of his qualities:
  • CD has his NCHA certificate of ability. 
  • CD is an AQHA finished quarter horse stud. 
  • CD is a reserved World Champion Junior quarter horse in the Palomino Association. 
Ask us about our American Quarter Horses For Sale in Texas

C.D. Will be shown during the 2015 show season by Randy Cherry (940-682-9817).

Call for other quarter horses and cutting horses for sales in Texas (940) 783-1316.

Stud Fee: $750 plus Chute Fee

Now watch him work! NOTE: To view videos on a mobile device; please click "CLASSIC" view at bottom. 

Over the years, Blackjack Family Ranch has had many quarter horses for sale that have become world champions. Our Ranch has some of the finest and premium quality quarter horses in Texas.
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